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I had to join

 Once I found this community under looking the interest "agnostics" I had to join. Not only am I not a religious nut job but I am against the teeming Cornflake thinking of the fluffy bunny Law Of Attraction (The Secret) set as well. Yesterday I did such a post of what I think of that mode of thinking after buying this awful book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay, a fraudster of the highest order. She actually thinks cancer is caused by repressed anger. 

I invite anybody to come over and read my ear-melting piece on this subject.
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quite surprising

getting into heaven

Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, and George W. Bush arrive at the Pearly Gates and introduce themselves.

St. Peter says, "You'll have to prove to me that's who you are."

Einstein takes a piece of paper, writes E=MC squared, and then starts writing the formulas that lead him to it.

St. Peter says, "I believe you, come on in."

Picasso takes out a pencil and paper and starts to draw.

St. Peter says, "I believe, you come on in."

George W. Bush says to St. Peter, "Who were those guys?"

St. Peter says, "Come on in, George."
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